Armored glazing

Armored glassThe armoured glass is a multi-layered block of several bonded glass planes varying in thickness manufactured also with protective and decorative film.


t can boast of a number of protective properties:

  • multiple impact endurance;
  • breakdown resistance;
  • firearms resistance (Makarov and TT pistols, AKM assault rifle, Dragunov sniper rifle);
  • resistance to destructive elements penetration;
  • prevention of fragments dispersion.




Certified armoured glass is a good alternative option if compared to the necessity of iron bars installation on windows and entrance doors nowadays. The glass ranging 18 to 65 mm thickness provide reliable protection from firearms like Makarov and TT pistols, AKM assault rifle, Dragunov sniper rifle. It can be applied while designing entrance security cabins, partitions, shop windows, tellers and security staff cabins, as well as for glazing of outside doors and windows without protective bars.