Pilot glass intended for Antonov An-24, An-26 and An-30 planes glazing

ТУ У 26.1-31106219-004-2001


A-10 is a solid set, a triplex, consisting of two curved polished tempered silicate glass pieces held together by a polyvinyl butyral film and rimmed with polymer material (Б-79 harness and ПС-4 intermediate layer).

The set consists of two pieces (1 left-side and 1 right-side), each item provided with documentation.

Electrical heating is performed through current-conducting film applied to the inner side of the outer glass and can be regulated by automatic temperature controlling system.

The set dimensions are:   570х556х24 mm
Weight: 12,0 kg

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 190+/-5% V    208+/-5% V    230+/-5% V    250+/-5% V;
Heating element resistance: 35-41.5 Ω    41.6-50.9 Ω    51-59.9 Ω    60-73.5 Ω;
Electric current: 5.7 А        5.25 А        4.75 А        4.4 А;
Specific power: 0,435-0,65 W/cm2;
Power consumption (max): 1145 W;
Heating element area: 1760 cm2;
Thermistor resistance at +20°С+/-1°С: 6500+1500-2000;
Coefficient of transparency, not less than:   72 %;
Warranty service: 1500 flight hours within warranty lifetime;
Warranty lifetime: 2 years since the beginning of service;
Storage life: 2 years since production date.