Pilot glass intended for Antonov An-8 and An-12 planes glazing

ТУ 21-РСФСР-265-75Е.


A-11 is intended for an all-weather visual observation while flying the aircraft or during its stay on the ground. The glazing set consists of two elements each provided with documentation.

The set consists of two curved polished tempered glass pieces held together by a polyvinyl butyral film and rimmed with Б-79 harness and ПС-4 intermediate layer.

Electrical heating is performed through conducting film applied to the inner side of the outer glass and can be regulated by automatic temperature controlling system.

The set dimensions are:   617х524х30 mm
Weight: 18,0 kg

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 190 V        208 V        230 V        250 V;
Heating element resistance: 33.1-40.5 Ω    40.5-48.6 Ω    48.6-59.2 Ω    59.2-70.2 Ω;
Power consumption (max): 1200 W;
Insulating resistance (dry product), not less than:   20 MΩ;
Thermistor resistance at +20°С+/-1°С: 6500 (+1500-2000);
Coefficient of transparency, not less than: 72%;
Warranty service: 2500 flight hours within warranty lifetime;
Warranty lifetime: 3 years;
Storage life: 2 years since production date.