Pilot glass A-2 for Antonov An-2 and An-3 planes glazing

ТУ 21-УССР-013-78.


It is an element of pilot cabin design and intended for visual observation while flying An-2 and An-3 aircraft.

The set consist of two glasses A-1. Each item provided with documentation.

This type of glazing is a solid design, a triplex, consisting of two tempered silicate glass planes (inner and outer ones) held together by a special transparent film. The triplex is also rimmed with plastic material and two metal frames.

Electrical heating is performed through grid heating. Windshield heat control unit is АОС-81м.

The set dimensions are:   570 х 340 х 25 mm.
Weight: 4,5 kg.

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 27V;
Resistance: 1,6+/-10% Ω;
Power consumption:   455W;
Warranty lifetime: 3 years.
Storage life: 2 years.
Warranty service: 1800 hours.