Glass piece intended for installation on Antonov An-22 planes

А 24 А.000 ТУ.


It is an element intended for an all-weather visual observation while flying the aircraft. The set consists of a single element provided with documentation.

It is a composite glassblock plane held together by a polyvinyl butyral film. A block is also rimmed with a metal frame by means of “Виксинт-У-1-18” sealant.

Electrical heating is performed through conducting film applied to the inner side of the outer glass. ТОС-МД thermistors are used for the product manufacturing. Windshield heat control unit is АОС-81м.

The set dimensions are:   668х669х11 mm
Weight: 9,0 kg

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 190+/-5%; 208+/-5%; 230+/-5%; 250+/-5%;
Heating element resistance: 44-54Ω; св.54-65Ω; св.65-79Ω; св.79-94,4Ω;
Electric current: 4,5А; 4,1А; 3,7А; 3,3А;
Specific power: 0,33-0,5 W/cm2;
Power consumption: 903 W;
Electrical heating area: 1806 cm2;
Coefficient of transparency, not less than:   74%.
Warranty lifetime: 4 years.
Storage life: 2 years.
Warranty service: 1000 flight hours within warranty lifetime.