Front side glass intended for Tupolev Tu-154 plane glazing

ТСК 54.01.000.А ТУ.


It is an element of pilot cabin design and intended for visual observation while flying Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft.

The set consists of two items Т54.02.А, each provided with documentation.

This type of glazing is a solid design, a triplex, consisting of three tempered glass planes held together by a polyvinyl butyral film and rimmed with metal frames by means of polymer material and “Виксинт У-1-18HT”.

Electrical heating is performed through current-conducting layer. Temperature can be automatically regulated by controller АОС-81M.

The set dimensions are:   762х604 mm
Weight: 30,0 kg

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 190+/-9.5 V    208+/-10.4 V    230+/-11.5 V    250+/-12.5 V;
Electric current: 6.84 А        6.24 А        5.63 А        5.18 А;
Heating element resistance:   25-29.9 Ω    30-36.6 Ω    36.6-43.2 Ω    43.3-53 Ω;
Power consumption: 1300(+290/-240) W;
Heating area: 2160 cm2;
Warranty lifetime: 3 years;
Storage life: 2 years;
Warranty service: 4000 flight hours.