Front glass intended for Antonov An-72, An-74, and An-140 planes glazing

ТСК 008.01.000 ТУ.


TSK-008 is a glass block consisting of three curved tempered glass pieces (inner, middle, and outer) held together by a polyvinyl butyral film.

Electrical heating is performed through current-conducting coating applied to the inner surface of the outer glass.

The glass block is rimmed with sealant and a metal frame.

The set dimensions are:   930х7 55х50 mm
Weight: 56,0 kg

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 200(+/-5) V;
Resistance: 68,7(+/-6,9) Ω;
Electric current (max): 3,5 А;
Specific power: 0,6(+0,1/-0,08) W/ cm2;
Heating area: 2912,4 cm2;
Total power consumption: 1747 W;
Coefficient of transparency, not less than:   62 %;
Warranty lifetime: 2 years since the beginning of service;
Storage life: 2 years since production date;
Warranty service: 500 flight hours within warranty lifetime.


The glazing set consists of two items (left-side and right-side ones), each provided with documentation.