TSK 109.01

TSK 109.01 front glass for Let L-410 Turbolet plane glazing

ТСК 109.00.000 ТУ


It is an element of pilot cabin design of Let L-410 Turbolet plane and intended for visual observation while flying the aircraft.

The set consists of:

  • TSK 109.01.000 – right glass;
  • TSK 109.01.000-01 – left glass (each item provided with documentation).

This type of glazing is a solid design, a multi-layered block consisting of three strengthened silicate glass planes held together by a polyvinyl butyral film. A silicate block is also rimmed with plastic material and two metal frames.

Electrical heating is performed through conducting film applied to the coverglass by aerosol method.

Heating control can be mediated by temperature controller ТЭР-1М.

The set dimensions are:   444х760х72 mm
Weight: 17,0 kg

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 200(+8/-13) V;
Heating element resistance:   140(+/-14) Ω;
Total power consumption: 855(+/-174) W;
Warranty lifetime: 4 years;
Storage life: 1 year;
Warranty service: 1000 flight hours.