Glass for visual observation intended for Mil Mi-2 helicopters helicopter glazing

В2МН 000 ТУ.


V 2MN is a silicate triplex consisting of two curved silicate glass pieces held together by a polymer film and rimmed by “Виксинт” sealant.

Electrical heating is performed through current-conducting coating applied to the inner surface of the outer glass. Temperature can be automatically regulated by controller АОС-81M.

The set dimensions are:   838х632х45 mm
Weight: 18 kg

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 190 V        208 V        230 V        250 V;
Heating element resistance: 21.6 Ω        26.4 Ω        31.6 Ω        38.7 Ω;
Electric current: 7.9 А        7.25 А        6.53 А        6.03 А;
Specific power: 0,53 W/ cm2;
Electric heating area: 2840 см2;
Coefficient of transparency, not less than:   75 %;
Storage life: 1 year since the production date;
Warranty lifetime: 4 years since the beginning of service.