Front side glass intended for Mil Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters glazing

ТУ 21-УССР-008-77.


It is an element intended for a visual observation while flying the aircraft. The pilot cabin glazing set consists of two elements (right- and left-side ones) provided with documentation. This type of glazing is a triplex

consisting of two silicate glass planes (inner and outer ones) held together by a polyvinyl butyral film. The triplex is also rimmed by sealant with glass cloth or harness.

Electrical heating is performed through current-conducting coating applied to the inner side of the outer glass. Heating control can be mediated by temperature controller ТЭР-1.

The set dimensions are:   860х543х16 mm
Weight: 13,1 kg

Technical specifications:

Voltage: 190 V        208 V        230 V        250 V;
Heating element resistance: 20.7-43.7 Ω;
Electric current: 7.35 А        7.9 А        8.85 А        9.65 А;
Specific power: 0.53 W/cm2;
Power consumption (max): 1,930 W;
Heating element area: 2,970 cm2;
Thermal sensor resistance at +20°С+/-1°С:   133-139 Ω;
Coefficient of transparency, not less than: 75%;
Warranty service: 1500 flight hours within warranty lifetime;
Storage life: 1 year since production date;
Warranty lifetime: 4 years since the service beginning.